Blue Dream Charter & Service 

Our modus operandi


Blue Dream Charter & Service is not a rental company, or better to say, it is not just a rental company. Blue Dream is a community of friends who are able to work together in a professional way by sharing experiences and life moments that go beyond work as an end in itself.

In almost twenty years of life we ​​have promoted and participated in many solidarity initiatives: from projects with minors at risk in the Neapolitan suburbs, to fundraising for Niky, the child forced by a very rare allergy to live on a boat. And again, from the collaboration with the NGO Africa Mission, whereby we dug three water wells in northern Uganda thanks to the contributions collected with charity regattas, to many other projects no less importance.

The philanthropic vision of a world that the human being at the center instead of money has attracted like a magnet many friends who over the years have embraced our revolutionary idea of ​​community.

In 2010, by some of these friends we started the Dal Mare Foundation (, with which we promote projects for the re-evaluation, promotion and development of sailing activities and maritime culture. A few years ago on Friar Indovino’s calendar we read the thought of the day that read: “the best thing for a good action is silence and discretion”; for all these years we have followed the friar’s doctrine, avoiding disclosure of the plans made.

Today we decided to overcome shyness and discrection by publishing the contributions, photos and videos of these years of activity, to thank the many brothers who supported us, and  also to encourage those who follow us and to make us suggest new initiatives.

Procida, 2-4 October 2015


Sailing for Africa

Sailing, Music and Gastronomy for Uganda


Second Edition of Sailing for Africa, a day of charity to bring water to Uganda and those who need it. 

Read the program of day on our poster and don’t miss the event.

vela e musica per uganda